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The Edge of a Cliff

Posted by brianrants on August 20th, 2005 at 6:30 am

I just found out today that one of our landlords died. Our landlords were two brothers, and the eldest, Cleo, was found in his car. My understanding is that it was natural causes, and having seen the man, he was certainly not the model of health.

There is a cliff in our lives that lies just out of sight…we make sure it is just out of sight. Death.

Because when we are forced to look down over the edge, man is it a LONG way down.

Hearing about his death takes me down dark and neglected corridors in my mind. Places where deep questions and doubts fester. What horrors have greeted Cleo off the mortal coil. Is God just? Is He merciful?

The one end that is guaranteed to all of us is that which we know so little about.