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Two Very Good Days

Posted by brianrants on November 29th, 2012 at 12:24 pm

I just ran the stats on our Holiday marketing push at Nokero, comparing this year to the same days on 2011. Black Friday was up 250%, Cyber Monday up more than 500%! While overall traffic has been trending up since overhauling the website and ecommerce platform, on this important shopping weekend in 2011 there were very similar traffic levels. However the conversion rates were significantly higher, leading to more transactions, larger sale amounts, and overall increased revenue.

Some potential factors

  • Redesigning the site: simplifying the messaging, streamlining the user paths, and securing the checkout process
  • Targeted promotions: focused display advertising on key demographics, like eco-conscious consumers at
  • Filtered enewsletters: targeted previous consumers and active recipients in MailChimp, to avoid bombarding casual subscribers
  • Blog & Social media promotion: highlighting doorbusters from 6-10am, creating a sense of urgency around a few key products which led to additional sales