I provided marketing and creatives consulting services to Nokero, a global manufacturer of personal solar products. Having sold a half million products in 120 countries, I was engaged to lead them through brand repositioning and marketing strategy formulation focused on the US and European markets. I lead the creation requisite website and packaging redesign, production services (photography), ecommerce platform switch, collateral redesign, and marketing campaign development and execution.

My Consulting Work

Brand Strategy, Channel Marketing, Creative Direction, Production Services (Web, Print, Photo), SEO/SEM

  • Develop brand strategy; Design corporate identity and marketing collateral
  • Lead the creation of global product marketing strategies for Nokero, global solar products manufacturer; Designed and optimized web and ecommerce sites; Executed multi-channel campaign resulting in 43.2% increase in monthly sales

Nokero Collateral & Copywriting

Focused on the “save the world in a Subaru” demographic: young adults to middle aged, eco-conscious, adventure-seekers, have disposable income to spend on “green tech” and trendy consumer electronics.