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God’s extravagant grace was on display this week in New Mexico. Stunning beauty, expansive skies…and some excellent brews.

We felt so blessed to have a Whole Foods around the corner from our casita, and it happens to have the best small selection of brews I’ve ever seen. No fluff, just the good stuff. They had the great beers from CO like New Belgium, and some others I’ve never tried

- Monk’s Ale made a la European monks, but here in NM
- Samuel Smith’s Oatmeal Stout from the UK, which is now my favorite oatmeal stout on terra firma. I can’t decide if it is my favorite stout, as Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is also incredible
- And from a friend’s fridge: Fat Weasel Ale, from Stienhaus Brewing in CA. Almost a sweet ale, slight hoppy finish

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It was a hilarious night

We got interviewed by a journalist, a tv station, and random people
said "nice buns" all night

Oh yeah…and there was some incredible beers!

My lovely tour of the east coast continues. May try to add some pix later…for now here is some of the fun stuff we are doing.


I had no idea how much history I would discover in Philadelphia. Call it brushing up on American History.

The oldest residential street in America (early 1700′s), the building where the first Continential Congress drafted letters to King George about taxation without representation, cobblestone streets…amazing. I HIGHLY recommend getting the tour in a horse drawn carriage. The drivers know amazing facts about the history of the different buildings.

I also met some lovely beers.

City Tavern: this is where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Ben Franklin would put down a cold one after a long day planning the revolution….amazing!
- Thomas Jefferson Ale: a hoppy amber ale…a bit too hoppy for my liking. Enjoyed it nonetheless, especially since this was Tommy Boy’s actual recipe!
- Martha Washington’s Summertime Ale: a very nice, light summertime ale…delicious


The beautiful Block Island, Narragansett beaches, buildings from the 1700′s, New England architecture, seafood…and great time with family.

Rhode Island is like getting out into the country…except it is by the ocean. Very nice.

- Newport Storm: a nice smooth ale…I prefer a little more bite like a Fat Tire, but I would definitely get it again.
- Narragansett Lager: it was nice. Not a huge lager guy, but I would drink this again.
- Dogfish IPA (something like that): man, I can’t stand IPA’s. This was again confirmed.