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This morning I attempted to empty our cross cut shredder. I lost my
grip on the trash bag and scattered corporate confetti all across the

I grabbed the vacuum from the closet, which I later learned from our
landlord hadn’t been emptied in about 2 years, and proceeded to spread
a fine layer of white dust all across our carpet.

Realizing that I would need some other solution to clean the carpet, I
picked up the garbage bag and in the process smacked my tall mug,
which hit the floor with a certain velocity, knocking the top off and
spreading Celestial Seasoning Madagascar Vanilla Rooibus tea all over
the carpet.

I guess that’s what happens with a klutz and 4 employees in a 185ft2.

But some good news…tomorrow we move into our new office in the
Ballpark District in Denver. 16 foot ceilings, wood floors, exposed
brick…and 5 times more space!

Also…Rooibus tea is friggin amazing good. The highest in antioxidant
of any tea, and it’s an herbal tea (so no caffeine!)

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