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For those who still haven't seen the light,145502-pg,1/article.html

"Computer owners were asked to rate their experience based on three
criteria: Whether the manufacturer solved their problem, how long they
waited to talk with someone on the phone, and how knowledgeable the
support staff were. Apple received the highest ranking of "Better" in
all three areas for both laptops and desktops–the only company to do

It is strangely exciting to use something that actually works, and
have good support when it doesn't.

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I'm becoming a pretty big fan of Google Desktop…on PC. Working at the CU Foundation, I unfortunately have to use a PC.

Working on an HP laptop is kind of like sitting under a florescent bulb all day (which I do have on my desk as well). It sucks your energy out like a reverse IV.

Google's innovation with Desktop has kept me from complete creative drainage, and I've become a fan. When I'm working on my Mac for eye9 Design I have wanted some of the features of Desktop, including searching your local computer. Spotlight is…ok. But Google Desktop has a great search tool.

Now there is a Google Desktop for Mac (beta)


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