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At Blue Riot Labs, I’ve spent the day compiling data for how our online marketing efforts are working for our clients, and for us. I formulated a data-driven, five part online marketing strategy we have implemented for our clients and ourselves:

  1. Search engine optimization
  2. Pay-per-click
  3. Content creation
  4. Newsletter
  5. Social media

The results are pretty remarkable, here’s a small sampling:

Engineering and Manufacturing Company (1 month in)

  • Lowered CPC 24%, while simultaneously raising the Click Through Rate 1200% (yes, 1200%)
  • Gained hundreds of positions, with 22 keywords in the top 30 of Google and rising

National Advocacy Non-Profit (2 months in)

  • 43 keywords identified in Google’s Top 10, up from 31 just 17 days ago
  • 27% increase in traffic from search engines like Google, 16% increase in overall visits from all sources, 19% increase in unique visitors

Blue Riot Labs

  • 46 targeted keywords now ranking in the top 20 of Google
  • 14 positions gained for our top 5 targeted keywords in just the last week

Search engine optimization works, the data speaks for itself. Find out more about BRL’s SEO/PPC services.