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The challenge of online marketing is not access to data, but creating useful and actionable date and visualizations thereof. Google Analytics keeps raising the bar in what can be done, with the semi-recent additions of custom reports and email reports. Over at my company’s blog, I wrote an article giving you three Google Analytics dashboards that you can literally click and add to your Google Analytics. Click. Add. It should all be this easy, shouldn’t it?

The benefits of increases in search engine rankings can’t be summarized by a simple linear relationship. In finance, if you go from $9m in revenues to $12m in revenues, you have a simple 33% increase in revenues. If you move from the #11 spot (first page) in Google to the #10 spot (first page) you can expect a 143% increase in traffic! If you move from the #2 spot to the #1 spot you can expect your traffic to double.

This great article by Todd Jensen explains how 2nd page is 1st loser.

The takeaway: investments in SEO that result in improved rankings will have an effect more akin to a power curve on traffic than a simple linear effect!