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Downtown Nairobi

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Shannon and I are leaving this Wednesday to travel to Nairobi Kenya. The purpose of the trip is two-fold

  • Like all of The 1010 Project’s Service Learning Experiences, we will listen, learn, and serve. We look forward to spending time with the amazing social entrepreneurs who are changing lives in the slums of Nairobi
  • Shannon will return to the US Mid-February, and two business colleagues of mine will join me: Chuck Blakeman and Charlotte Wells. Responding to the invitation of our country director, Fred Afwai, we will be exploring the creation of grassroots business coaching/education for our entrepreneurs. The 1010 Project provides capital, with these micro businesses growing, we have the opportunity to help them thrive so they can help even more people

Keep me, Shannon, and the amazing, innovative, hard-working people in the slum communities of Nairobi in your thoughts and prayers.

Warm regards,


This weekend Shannon and I are enjoying an incredible weened at the St Julien Hotel and Spa. I have been sleepwalking between meals, massages, and walks in the city. A much needed respite after an especially stressful couple of months.

Here are some pics of the beautiful Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse. It was constructed in Dushanbe Tajikistan, shipped to Boulder, and reassembled.

The last picture is their incredible “Boulder Tangerine” tea, a rich spicy tea with a dash of sweetness mixed forthrm by Celestial Seasonings

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I used to feel an incredible pressure to be nice. Always nice. Don’t get me wrong, overall most people that know me would say I’m a really nice guy.

But I’ve also realized I can be a real ass. I think I was so focused on trying to be nice that I couldn’t admit I have a daily quota of grumpy responses, arrogant comments, and generally selfish actions. (more…)

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Shannon giving Alice a bath! We are at the Roger Williams Zoo, where
Shannon's brother Brett works (he's in the pic too)

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This morning a FedEx truck backed into our crv, which Shannon had just
parked. Really only damaged the bracket holding the license plate, but
we had to call FedEx claims.

Little did we know that was to be the least of our problems. As I was
making a left from York onto 40th, a car apparently lost it's brakes,
ran a red light, and t-boned us.

I'm now hoping our crv doesn't get hit by a meteor

With my scooter getting stolen a month ago, and now this, I'm looking
at horse and buggy or walking

Well, I'm thankful to the Lord everyone is ok. And I try to remind
myself it's just stuff. We will let you know how it all turns out